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Metallic Silver Body Paint Powder


Metallic Silver Body Paint Powder : Ultra fine metallic powder allows you to create dramatic designs or characters. Use dry or combine with Mixing Liquid to form water based liquid makeup for face painting or body painting. The bottle is 1 fl oz of powder and will cover your whole body with a heavy application. The heavy application of the ultra fine silver metallic body paint with a latex foam sponge wedge will look more shiny. You can apply it sparingly also to give a more matte look and do two complete bodies. Try using a stippled sponge for texture effects to create alien skin or use the stippled sponge and silver accents with the silver body paint powder for a rusted finish. Some customers prefer to use baby oil with metallic body paint if they are sensitive to the mixing liquid, which is mostly a water based product that dries completely, lasts longer and makes the metallic powder stick to the body. If you are going to use baby oil just remember that stuff is slippery and not to mention messy because it doesn't dry. When you mix it with baby oil you get a higher shine but it gets everywhere especially if you are doing a full body. A favorite with photographers for nude photo shoots and futuristic cyber runway shows! There are some really great music videos that utilize the silver and silver body paint. This product is non-toxic but try and keep this out of your eyes and nose. Directions: mix with mixing liquid and apply with a brush or sponge for complete coverage. Remove with soap and water. May contain: Aluminum, Bronze, Copper, Stearic Acid