From the mind of pulp writer Johnston McCulley comes the adventures of Zorro in the Colonial California. With his mask, sword, and debonair smile, a Zorro Halloween costume oozes sexy style with swashbuckling adventure. And who doesn't get weak in the knees for that? Although he's donned many masks through countless books and movies, Zorro's style has remained intact and these Zorro costume for man looks epitomize his elegant swordsmanship and sexy looks. Start with a black Zorro adult costume or Zorro kid costume. Covered in black, he fits in with the night and his Spanish cape adds that extra mystique. Add a costume mask Zorro and top it all off with flat-brimmed black to make your costume deluxe Zorro. We carry all shapes and sizes from kid Zorro costumes, costume toddler Zorro and event costume infant Zorro. For a walk on the wild side, mix up the usual with a female Zorro costume. A costume sexy Zorro has all the cunning, just with a bit more leg. This Halloween, gear up with your sword, bullwhip, and dashing style in these saucy and sexy Zorro costumes!

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