Yu Gi Oh

The tale of a shy young boy named Yugi Muto and his ancient Egyptian relic called the Millennium Puzzle has wowed audiences the world over and now is your chance to get in on the Yu Gi Oh costume action! When Yugi and the Nameless Pharaoh attempt to uncover the mysteries of the Millennium Puzzle, they're forced to work together and play in Duel Masters games to survive. All the suspense and colorful characters from the Yu Gi Oh cartoon come alive with these vibrant looks. Yugi's signature blonde, black, and red hair might be hard to duplicate so we're here to set you up with a Yu Gi Oh wig. A deluxe kids Yu Gi Oh costume comes with his signature purple suit and ready to conjure up the spirits of his powerful cards. And since the Yu Gi Oh show is for all ages, we carry larger sizes as well. An adult Yu Gi Oh costume is sized to fit all fans of the game. And if you need Yugi's gloves or even a Millennium Puzzle accessory, we can set you up for a Duel Masters match you'll never forget! “It's game time!”

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