Winnie the Pooh

From the classic A.A. Milne books to Disney's movies, Winnie the Pooh is beloved the world over. A silly ol' bear costume Pooh-style is perfect for your tiny tot with our selection as big as the Hundred Acre Wood. With his red shirt and relaxed expression, any of these costume Pooh Winnie costumes are a treat. A costume Halloween Pooh Winnie look comes in many forms to best suit you, from a full body suit and jumpers to vests and hoodies. All made with soft yellow fur like the real costume Halloween Pooh, you're child will be ready to follow some honey bees. For your little worrier, pick up a costume infant Pooh Winnie Piglet costume. Oh d-d-dear! Your child is always cute as a button in a costume infant Pooh Eeyore costume, complete with pinned-on tail. And with everyone's favorite bouncy goofball, a Tigger costume Pooh toddler Winnie look is never compete without a springy tail and a lot of energy! Because the wonderful thing about Tiggers is Tiggers are wonderful things! We carry all sizes from infants to toddlers to adult costume Pooh Winnie. Join the gang as Christopher Robin in an adult costume pooh or just dress up as your favorite character too with these adult costume Halloween Winnie looks. Whatever your choice, just remember to stay out of Rabbit's garden!

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