Weapons, Wands & Armor

If you need a weapon of mass production to arm your solider or warrior costume, gear up right here. Replica swords, axes, laser guns, shields, and every other weapon you can imagine or need to give your costume some extra ammunition is right here. Because it's your right to bear costume weapons! The dramatic and deadly fighting sword is a weapon made infamous through history and in film. Defend your lands throughout the ages with a knight's sword, ninja sword, samurai sword, or shield sword. Large and bludgeoning, a medieval sword can do some serious damage and help you revel in the days of yore! For a stab at high sea adventures, grab a hold of a pirate sword or escape in the ancient Asian arts with ninja stars. Go to Hell and back with a devilishly evil demon sword or tackle ogres with a battle ax! And for a Hollywood hit list of infamous weaponry, fend yourself with a butcher knife, dagger, scythe, or even a Star Wars light saber! Your weapon of choice is here waiting for you. Just reach out, grab it, and don't worry about anyone getting hurt. These costume weapons and armor are all excitement, no indictment!

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