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Sure, simply knowing about Halloween makeup, magic tricks, or scare tactics but it's another thing to know how to make them all a success. Instead of going to witchcraft seminars and magic conferences, we can make it easy as flipping a page or pressing Play. Our Halloween videos offer the tricks of the trade and everything else you ever wanted to know. These magic trick videos show you step-by-step how to utilize those new props with newfound skill. Be it tricks of cards, coins, balls, or rope, our magic Halloween DVDs will make a magician out of you. Need some new material? Try a joke or comedy video. Fan of horror flicks? Watch our scary videos and interesting books about the greats of horror and slasher movies. Have a spare dummy but need to throw your voice? Our Halloween books and videos can turn you into a virile ventriloquist yet. So grab your reading glasses, curl up on the couch, keep your remote handy and see how much you can learn in a short amount of time!

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