Tights, Socks & Underwear

Underwear though it may be, it's still an essential part of your costume. From superhero tights, to dancer costumes, to sassing up your sexy costume, we've got all the lace petticoats, ballet tights, and nylon stockings you need to put your final, form-fitting touches on your Halloween costume. For your sexy costume, don't you think you need some sexy tights to polish it off? For a blast from the past, fishnet stockings or opaque tights will give your swingin' costume some legs. A white petticoat or black petticoat will give your good and evil dress that extra lift and a body suit will slim and smooth your body to fit into any slinky skirt you like. Different color tights can bring out different characters too. For the harlequin in you, try some green tights while boy tights are ready to take you up, up and away in a superhero costume. White tights can make your angel costume all the more angelic while black tights give you more spice in your delicious devil costume. And for bras, try on a nipple bra or coconut bra for a tropical thrill! Whether you want to show off a bit of your underwear or wear them on the outside of your tights, our sexy tights, petticoats and bras have got you covered where the sun don't shine!