Shrek Costumes

Shrek Costumes & Shrek Halloween Costumes. From the swamps to the castle of Lord Farquaad, the hapless hero and ogre extraordinaire Shrek makes for a perfect group costume. With Shrek at the helm, we've got all sorts of kids Shrek costumes and Shrek masks to help you transform yourself into the vile and gaseous ogre of yore! With his burlap shirt, vest, and green skin, you'll stand out at any Halloween party! And to match his screen-grabbing presence, we also carry plus size Shrek costumes! Shrek's lady love is also here with our Princess Fiona costumes. With her emerald Fiona dress, red hair, and even ogre-like ears after her transformation, your Fiona costume will dazzle and provide some action-packed high kicks! And don't forget their somewhat annoying but ever-loyal friend Donkey. With a Donkey costume, we've got the mask and suit that'll help you, a biped, turn into the four-legged comedian. For your adult Shrek costume, you'll recreate a modern day classic, not to mentioned a star-studded comedic gem. Between monsters, dragons, princesses, and talking donkeys or cats, you've got all the fairy tale characters, only with a bit of a twist! Just leave alone our gumdrop buttons!

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