Shoes & Boots

No matter who you are, you always check out a person's footwear. And if your kicks don't match the rest of your costume, people will notice. So get the look for less this year with our Halloween shoes and boots that will give you an extra bounce in your step! Sometimes the shoes make the character. Cowboy boots are a cowboy's staple characteristic while a disco costume doesn't have the same groove without platform shoes. Clown shoes and carnival shoes are big, floppy, and fun while drag queen shoes have all the flair of a lady but sized for a fellow. While pirate boots have a swashbuckling swagger and Renaissance boots are loaded with romanticism. We also carry sexy shoes and sexy boots to help you strut down the Halloween catwalk. Knee high boots and thigh high boots, in all sorts of colors and styles will make your shoe shopping fantasies come alive. Nothing says danger and spice like a thigh boot ladies, trust us. So zip up, kick up your heels, and see what Halloween shoes & boots we've got that'll make your costume work on a shoe string budget and make you ponder “if the shoe fits...”

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