Robes, Capes & Wings

Capes and robes may not be in vogue nowadays but the royalty, vampires, and adventurers of yore wore these choice garments with flair! So get wrapped up in these capes and robes and flow into Halloween with power and grace! For a dash of the supernatural, place a witch cape or vampire cape upon your shoulders. With a black robe, your witchy costume is ready to conjure up some spells from the darkest enchanted forest around. A prototypical Dracula cape is black with red lining and a high collar. A devil cape or alien robe is dark, mysterious and will send chills up the spines other trick or treaters! For a dramatic look, try an opera cape or king's robe. These man robes are heavy, theatrical, and full of stories to tell! With a shepherds robe or fairy tale cape, you'll be set to capture the magic of your favorite make believe tales! A monk robe or Jedi robe from Star Wars makes up the bulk of your costume where you can conceal your kung-fu moves and lightsabres from your unsuspecting foes! Witches and sorcerers, vampires and aliens, kings and superheroes, they all come together in our robe and cape store! So take the pressures off your shoulders looking for a great costume robe and cape, you've come to the right place!

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