Mustache & Beards

If you're folically challenged or just don't have the time to grow a full mustache or beard for your costume, you're in luck. Our fake mustaches are set to class up your act in a variety of colors and styles. From a thin mustache for you dapper gents to a full handlebar, our costume mustache accessories will make you virtually unrecognizable. A 70's mustache is full and luscious while a biker mustache is long, styled, lean, and mean! An English mustache is big and covers your mouth unlike a thin and kept Hollywood 'stache! If you're looking to get buried in hair instead, a fake beard is the route to go. From a Biblical costume to an aged rocker, these costume beards can go from short to fully and wily or even the nice medium of a goatee! With a man beard, you can go out a white-bearded wizard, a black beard pirate, or a brown beard holy man! Any of these costume beards are ready to use, fit to your face, and transform you into your favorite character in a snap! And since you don't have to grow, shape, or maintain your new mustache or beard, it's a big hairy deal for you!

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