Miscellaneous Accessories

For those odd and ends you couldn't find elsewhere, welcome to your one-stop shop of miscellaneous costume accessories! Those Halloween accessories that you may have completely forgotten on your list of to-do's are right here. Between wings, tattoos, weapons, shoes and boots, you're bound to dig up a Halloween surprise or two right here. For Halloween wings you couldn't find anywhere else, we've got your back. Between angels, demons, and creatures form the animal kingdom, let these wings carry you away. Our Halloween wigs and hair transforms you mane from tame to insane. Halloween stockings and petticoats that help your under-costume pop out in the crowd might be hiding here for you to discover. And all those miscellaneous Halloween weapons, wands, and staff from your favorite Hollywood flick or historical figure is waiting to be snatched up. And Halloween shoes and boots are ready for you to walk away with as long as you can strut up and find them. Any miscellaneous costume accessory you desire but couldn't find in our other stores is sure to be here. Just have a look around and be shocked at what you can uncover!

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