Michael Jackson

The King of Pop lives ! Long live the King ! There is no way to easily describe Michael Jackson and his impact on the world. But we can try to do it with Michael Jackson costumes , since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Relive all the great moments in his career like Thriller and Bad with the great outfits he would wear and his unique personal style. We have a great selection of his costumes and accessories to go with them , such as the famous sequined glove and aviator shades. The red and black leather jacket and the slick military jackets with the shiny hardware. Thriller being such a famous video, why not do a ghoul style Michael Jackson just like he did in the video using makeup and his great red jacket and a wig? Everyone will know who you are portraying, and you can moonwalk through your next Halloween party wearing any one of these costumes. Don’t stop till you get enough of these costumes at these great prices! You will feel invincible when you show up at this year’s Halloween bash dressed like the King of Pop. There is no better way to remember him that this so beat it to the computer and order a costume today!

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