Marilyn Monroe Costumes

Marilyn Monroe Costumes & Marilyn Monroe Halloween Costumes. On June 1, 1926, a girl named Norma Jeane Baker was born and would grow up to be our most iconic sex symbol. Armed with her classic looks, alluring temptation, and scandalous lifestyle, she's our muse for a Marilyn Monroe costume and your motivation to stand over air vents, wearing a flowing skirt. Her blonde hair was her staple look so it's best to start from the head down. We have Marilyn Monroe wigs in her varying styles. A Marilyn wig proves that gentlemen prefer blondes. With light hair, curly locks, and tussled bangs, a Marilyn blonde wig shows that not all blondes are dumb, they just act that way. And what of a Marilyn Monroe dress? She's been known for many looks including her pink dress, emblazoned with diamonds or you could go for her most notorious halterneck dress as she stood over a subway vent. And she wasn't as petite as models and actresses nowadays, her full and buxom figure fits well with a Marilyn Monroe plus size costume too! So don't wait for a seven year itch, get your Marilyn costume today and let her show you why diamonds are a girl's best friend.