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What our hands, nothing up the sleeve, nothing out of the ordinary. But what happens when we put all our magic tricks in one place? You'd be in luck if you're looking for practical magic tricks and tips, that's what. And abracadabra, here we are with all the instructional magic books and card tricks to put on your own magic show! Our magic shop has all the card magic trick, hat tricks, and illusion magic you'll need to wow the crowd. Make a rabbit appear out of your magic hat, make lovely assistants disappear in magic boxes, or foresee the future in crystal ball magic! With our helpful step-by-step magic books and magic card tutorials, you'll be flashing amazing optical tricks of the hand and eye in no time. Juggling ball tricks, slight of hand card novelties, and optical illusions will keep your audience guessing how you did all that. Just be sure not to show all your cards at once."

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