Japanimation Costumes

Japanimation Costumes & Japanimation Halloween Costumes. They may hail from the land of the rising sun but Japanimation has spread throughout the globe to loyal fans hungry for more! Known for characters with exaggerated height, over-the-top facial expressions and, of course, those giant eyes, Anime also offers dynamic and artistic techniques that wow audiences the world over. And to celebrate this animation style, you can find our Japanimation costume right here! Start with one of the most popular Anime costume characters, Sailor Moon! Defenders of our solar system, the Sailor Scouts are ready to unleash planetary powers on their enemies. Their leader Serena comes in a prototypical Sailor Moon costume with her school girl uniform, short skirt, and “meatball” hair do! A kids Sailor Moon costume is set to join Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, and all her friends this Halloween! A kids Naruto costume brings all the ninja excitement of the popular Manga. Set to become a Hokage ninja, Naruto will have to get through a Kakashi costume first. Recreate these rivals with these colourful Manga costumes that fit fans of all ages. So grab some makeup to make your eyes bigger, find some great Japanimation costumes right here and recreate all the majesty and action of Anime and Manga!