Iron Man Costumes

Iron Man Costumes & Iron Man Halloween Costumes. Millionaire playboy Tony Stark isn't the kind of guy you might think would be a superhero. But with his metal armor he takes to the skies as Iron Man, one of Marvel Comics' premiere superheroes! And you too can suit up in these Iron Man costumes! These Iron Man Halloween costumes are based off the iconic comic books or even the realistic movie starring Robert Downey Jr. With your trademark mask, red and gold metal body suit, and powerful gauntlets, your kids Iron Man costume will reign the mightiest of your neighborhood! Don't' think you have the build? Don't worry, you'll be encased in “iron” in no time and fill out that adult Iron Man costume like no one else! Be joined by Tony's lovely but sardonic assistant Pepper Potts and you've got yourself one super-powered Halloween to remember!

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