I Love Lucy Costumes

I Love Lucy Costumes & I Love Lucy Halloween Costumes. With the fiery red hair, scarlet lips, that blue dress and a cock of the hip and who else could it be? You'll love our costume I Love Lucy as much as the real dame who was a comic genius. To start your costume Lucy would get a spotted blue dress and an apron befitting a mischievous 50's housewife. Your costume Halloween I Love Lucy-style must have that infamous fiery red curly hair and sassy style. Don't forget about the costume Halloween Lucy Ricky dynamic. The eternal foil to Lucy's schemes, we carry costume Lucy Ricardo Ricky costumes in his famed white puffy shirt! So spray on that tan, perfect the accent and nod disappointingly at Lucy in your costume Lucy Ricky. You can't have a Costume Halloween Lucy without a costume Ethel Lucy, her partner-in-crime! As a duo, Lucy and Ethel are up to wacky hijinx so capitalize on that pairing. And fear not deary, we have all sorts of sizes, from costume I Love Lucy plus size all the way down to kid costume I Love Lucy styles. So you really have no reason not to ham it up, do ya?