I Dream of Jeannie

An astronaut falls in love with a 2,000 year old genie and a television legend is born. When Tony Nelson finds a strange bottle when, pop, out comes Jeannie and their zany lives together begins. To recapture the magic, we have I Dream of Genie costumes that grant your wish of a classic television sitcom costume! Start with Jeannie's adult genie costume. With her harem top and veiled dress, your adult genie costume is almost set. Throw on her hat with veil and you're ready to cross your arms, wiggle your nose, nod you head, and POP! Genie costume is done and full of misunderstandings and hijinx! For a bit more drama, try a genie bottle costume. In her full I Dream of Genie costume, Jeannie is coming out of her lamp, built right into the bottom half. We also carry genie bottles for you to carry as an accessory. So please you master this Halloween with a adult genie costume that gets the laughs, gaffes, and adorable other halves of TV's favourite supernatural couple!

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