A demon to some, angel to others, pain for pleasure is Hellraiser's game. The 1987 Hellraiser remains one of the scariest and horrific movies in history and for good reason. With their torturous looks and gothic garb, a Hellraiser costume is always a fan favorite and one that will send chills up the spines of anyone nearby. The mysterious and violent leader is represented with our authentic Pinhead costumes. Complete with black shiny cloak, we provide a Pinhead mask to recreate his signature look without the need or pain of actually nailing pins to your head. His gang of Centibytes Hellraiser costumes are always close at hand. With their grotesque faces and gruesome weapons, Chatterer and Butterball Centibyte costumes are never to be forgotten. And the root cause of all this evil? The perfect horror accessory, a Hellraiser mystery box. Fortunately, hooks don't launch from it but never fear, we have an assortment of meat hooks, blood, and weapons belts that will complete your Hellraiser costume look. So suit up, tear off some flesh, and get gory with our great Hellraiser and Centibyte costumes! They'll tear your soul apart!

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