Hands, Feet & Chest

Clothes? Check. Mask? Check. Hair? Check. But you forgot a few things. To match you costume entirely, don't forget about a costume chest, feet, or hands accessory that will morph your body parts as easily as slipping on a glove or shoe! With costume hands, you can take your ordinary, boring human hands into alien hands, monster claws, or decomposed bones! These Halloween hands are comfortable, nimble, and creepy! Instead of growing out your nails or slapping on complicated makeup, these hand prosthetics can instantly give you long nails, scaly skin, or any other warped concoction you can dream up! Same goes for your feet. With costumed feet, they work the same as shoes but slip over your feet to make them red and devilish, amphibious, or furry like a werewolf! A costume chest piece can make it look like you have an exposed ribcage, a fat gut, rippling muscles or even gender bend and turn you into the opposite sex! You new physique is a click away so feel around the place and get in touch with what will make your Halloween costume physically different!