You don't need to be a cybernetically-enhanced super soldier to be Master Chief with our Halo trilogy game costumes. From the farthest reaches of the UNSC's Outer Colonies to your Halloween party right here on Earth, a Spartan Halo costume can now help you defend your neighborhood from the Covenant. Start with an authentic Halo helmet, complete with green metallic details and golden visor. A Halo mask can help you create a whole army of Spartans and keep you in contact with Cortana. Next gear up with a full mens Hallo costumed armor suit. Packed with weapons, supplies, protective armor, and sleek style! And don't forget Hale game costume gloves. With the fate of the universe in your hands, you better keep them protected. So get in the game, take the battle to the Forerunner, and charge into Halloween with our Master Chief and Spartan Halo costumes!

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