DC Comics Costumes

DC Comics Costumes & DC Comics Halloween Costumes. DC Comics' stable of characters are among the most iconic and respected around the world. Their adventures have kept us entertained for decades in every form of media there is. And to help you pick a Comic-Con costume everyone will adore and recognize, we've got a ton of DC Comic costumes for you to pick from! To dress up as everyone's favorite Fastest Man Alive, try on any of our Flash costumes. Be they simple spandex or muscle shirts, these costumes will help you speed by in a red and yellow blur! The wise-cracking speedster also comes in different sizes like our kid Flash costume or adult Flash costume. From the streets of Central City to the stars far above, our Green Lantern costumes are cosmically powerful! Armed with a power ring, the Green Lanterns can create anything from their own imagination and will power (and are also snappy dressers). Any kid Green Lantern costume or adult Green Lantern costume would be a force to e reckoned with at your next Halloween party. If that's not enough for you, try on a Captain America costume or any other character from the Justice League like Aquaman, Hawkgirl, or Martian Manhunter! The possibilities and superheroic antics are endless! So suit up and save the day in style, thanks to these DC Comics costumes!