Costume Masks

Costume Masks & Halloween Masks. Not to insult your face, but sometimes it's just more fun to hide it. Masks have always allowed us to behave and get away with far more than we could so exposed ordinarily. Not only that but a Halloween mask can create effects and illusions no mere makeup can. If you're looking for a classic scary mask, you've found your house of Halloween horror right here. Latex masks morph your head into all sorts of terrorizing creatures and monsters. From alien masks to horror creations or the ever-popular Freddy or Jason masks, you can scare up the thrills with these theater mask selections! Animal masks are that extra topping that give your costume that extra realism. Be it a chicken or gorilla mask, make sure you really get into character with these realistic masks. Clown masks, be they funny or scary, are always popular as are our other carnival masks. We even provide masquerade masks that go beyond Halloween night. Our Mardi Gras masks are a must-have for any big night out! We carry topical and political rubber masks, your favorite television or movie visages, the choice is yours! So have a look around and see what a new face can do for your costume this Halloween!