Costume Makeup

Costume Makeup & Halloween Makeup. See our stage make up for Halloween and special effects. Your costume might be all picked out but you're not done yet. For those finishing touches, pick up your vial of fake blood, slap on some prosthetics, and coat yourself in makeup to turn from street wear to Halloween costume masterpiece. A costume might only get you so far. For a real transformation, Halloween make up is a must. Stage make-up, mineral make up, and special effects make up are offered up here with a vast variety to choose from. For a specific costume, look into clown make up, goth make up, body make up, or tattoo make up. These kits and themes come in handy for whatever costume you're cooking up. Otherwise, many other costume make ups can fill in the blanks and get you ready for a night of trick or treating. Our theatrical make up styles can give you a bold new look with a few dabs of a brush. We carry many well-known and trusted brands such as Ben Nye make up and Mehron make up to ensure the highest of quality and staying factor throughout the night. So show off your fake stitches, polish your new fangs, slide on some lipstick and put this year's Halloween costume make up face forward.

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