Barbie Costumes

Barbie Costumes & Barbie Halloween Costumes. Since 1959, Barbie Roberts, Ken, Skipper, and all their friends have taken the doll world by storm. Whether she's a high school student, veterinarian, astronaut, or just the life of the party, these Barbie doll costumes, you can paint the town pink! Any Barbie dress is whimsical, whether she's in her classic 1960's looks or today's magical adventures as a Barbie princess. Aside from the Barbie clothes, she's also known for her long blonde hair. If you don't have her famous locks, we can help you out with a Barbie wig, ready to be styled just like the real doll! Her boyfriend Ken Carson is also here, ready to take Barbie to the prom or the beach. Our Ken costumes capture his handsome good looks and gentlemanly ways. And no Barbie costume is complete without accessories. Barbie's own shoes, tiaras, and bridal sets take the girl on the go to new levels of fashion and flair! So you may change your clothes, change your jobs, or change your hair, but you can always be a Barbie girl! "