Animal & Insect Costumes

Animal & Insect Costumes & Animal & Insect Halloween Costumes. Lions and Tigers and Werewolves oh my! Whatever your flavor of animal or insect costumes, look no further! Comical chicken costumes, sexy playboy bunny costume, or fearsome gorilla suits, these creatures and critters can dress you up to your next theme party. For that sexy look, throw on some ears and a tail and browse our adult cat suits and sexy playboy bunny costumes. And don't think fuzzy animals are the only sexy creatures. See for yourself that ladybug, spider, and bee costumes have a certain flair too. For comedic effect, don't forget fuzzy chicken suits and gorilla suits. Gorilla costumes, feet, and gorilla masks are always a laugh but don't forget about our feathered friends either. Our bird costumes include parrot costumes, penguin costumes, and chicken costumes. Not to say a chicken suits you, you might look good in an adult cat suit!