80's Costumes

80's Costumes & 80's Halloween Costumes. Unleash your inner 80's rocker costume with these 80's Halloween costumes. Go to your next party in 80's punk costume with wild hair and wilder accessories for your british invasion mohawk. These 1980's adult Halloween costumes are truly, truly, truly outrageous. Dance yourself into valley girl leg warmer leggings and tight jeans that have been acid washed. If rocker flair isn't you thing, try some crazy oversized shoulder padded jackets or go 1980's Halloween costume redneck. Browse our selection of 1980's mullet wigs for that howdown beautiful 80's adult Halloween costume. Just remember, when putting together your punk rocker costume, remember to go big or go home with the nerds. The rock band Kiss, knew how to do it; loud colors and louder slogans will make your 1980's outfit the rockerest it can be!