With its stark visuals, amazing special effects, and fantastic ab muscles, our 300 Spartan costumes capture the same dynamics and action from Frank Miller's graphic novel and the 2007 film! With a mostly monochromatic color scheme, only red was emphasized so the first place to start is with our red Spartan cape. Armour up with a Spartan helmet, Spartan shield, and sword. Complete the look with a mens Spartan costume sandals to help make the long trek to confront the God-King Xerxes' forces. Aside from an imposing King Leonidas adult Spartan Halloween costume, we also offer his Queen Gorgo's costume in all her regal beauty and stunning costumed jewelery. Battle the Spartans with an Persian Immortal costume, complete with mask and black cloaks. From each cliffhanging (and even cliff falling) battle to the bitter end, the 300 soldiers who saved their lands makes for a great comic, movie, and now an adult Spartan warrior costume! So grab your shields, repel invading forces, and drape yourselves in our raucous and rowdy Spartan costumes!

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